Meet the Dott e-bike: The next step in sustainable travel

After two years of hard work, collaboration and design by our in-house teams, we’re very proud to present a sneak peek into our e-bike. Set to launch early 2021 in London and Paris, we can’t wait for it to hit the road!

At Dott, our mission is to free our cities with clean rides for everyone. To achieve this goal, it’s important we focus on evolving the way we travel with multimodal mobility. Enter e-bike. The Dott e-bike was the most logical next step in our journey towards sustainable travel for all. We had four key elements in mind along the way – check out how we’ve done it:

Robust rides for all, by design

Our next ride needed to be a way for people to get around – even for your mom, as Maxim Romain, our Co-founder said. That’s why accessibility is such an important focus for us. We want everyone to be able to enjoy our e-bikes and have a greener way to explore their city. As such, we’ve made a conscious decision to have affordable rates, a solid fleet and maintenance, as well as clear safety measures.

We have a 24/7 insurance hotline to support riders with accidents in real-time. And, all our riders are completely insured at no extra cost – in our eyes, safety should come free. All components of our e-bikes have also been tried and tested by our in-house experts and real Dott riders, and have been given a firm seal of approval.

We also have a hardworking maintenance team that goes out every day to review all our bikes and swap the batteries if needed. On top of that, they’ve been disinfecting our hardware to limit the spread of coronavirus.

Made in Europe with sustainability in mind

With the aim of reducing our carbon footprint, recycling as much as possible and revitalizing our cities, our e-bikes are designed and manufactured in Europe, specifically in Amsterdam and Portugal. This was a clear choice to keep our carbon footprint limited, and to work with local manufacturers to ensure the best design quality.

Our e-bikes are designed eco-friendly, featuring spoked, non-spoke wheels and a unique one-piece frame to ensure it's sturdy. When it comes to maintenance, the removable and rechargeable battery system is also identical to our e-scooters so we’re able to optimize and integrate all operations.

Our e-bikes are designed and manufactured in Europe, with a focus on ergonomics for a smoother trip.

Rider comfort, safety & freedom

Designing the frame as one piece without welding was crucial to achieving the smoothest ride possible. Our Designers, Project Managers and manufacturing partners made sure we brought this to life in the prototype and final design.

For our riders, being comfortable and enjoying the journey was key. We’ve focused on ergonomics within the design, along with an integrated LCD screen for a smoother trip. The e-bike will also be available in three playful, primary colors: yellow, blue and green – so they fit in well to the cityscape and are easily spottable in the street for busy daily commutes.

Smart parking & collaboration for tidy cities

Our smart parking uses the very latest in IoT and GPS technology to very accurately pinpoint our e-bikes’ locales. With this system, we’re able to more clearly direct riders where they need to park, as well as swiftly relocate any e-bikes that end up incorrectly parked. All this was championed in-house to create cleaner cities for both riders and non-riders.

We also only launch our services in one city at a time to ensure that we integrate in the right way and accommodate the unique needs of each location. We’re also careful to hire full-time employees from the places we operate in, meaning we have insider knowledge about the culture and structure of each city.

So what’s next for Dott cities? London is up first in early 2021, and then Paris will follow. We can’t wait for riders to be able to hop on our Dott e-bikes. Stay tuned for a launch coming soon near you!

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