Insurance summary

Dott’s insurance policies vary based on the country you’re riding in. To better understand what coverage you can enjoy and where, please make sure you read the Insurance summary for the country you’re riding in.

Dott’s insurance policies vary depending on the country you are driving in. To better understand what cover you can enjoy and where, be sure to read the insurance summary for the country you are driving in. 

This is intended as a summary of your insurance coverage, to highlight the cover and limits provided, the key conditions you must follow and the key situations when a claim may not be paid. We have tried to identify the important points we think you need to be aware of. This is not a complete list.


What is covered by Dott’s insurance? 

For the duration of your vehicle rental, you benefit from the insurance underwritten by Dott, which covers 

  • your liability towards third parties for bodily injury or damage to their property resulting from an accident while using a vehicle; and
  • your serious injury (permanent partial or total disability) or death resulting from an accident while using a vehicle,

in each case subject to the applicable sums insured, eligibility criteria and exclusions set out below. The cost of the insurance is automatically integrated into the cost of the electric vehicle rental.     

Who is insured? 

All drivers:

  • have a valid EEA, UK or Swiss identity document; or passport;      
  • who are registered and authorised to use Dott’s services; and
  • who have entered into an individual rental agreement with Dott;

are covered by Dott’s insurance.

When does the insurance cover begin/end? 

The insurance coverage begins with the conclusion of the individual rental agreement, i.e. with the completion of the vehicle unlocking process via the app, and ends when the vehicle is parked and locked via the app.

What is the maximum insurance cover?


Damage covered Maximum sum insured
Death €25,000
Permanent partial disability €25,000 (no compensation will be paid if the degree of disability is 15% or less)
Permanent total disability €25,000
Damage to third-party property €1,300,000
Bodily injury to third parties €6,450,000
Legal Fees and recourse cover

after a Claim

€ 13,500 VAT excluded

Deductibles per claim:

Threshold for criminal defense

700€ including VAT.

Recourse threshold: 305€

excluding VAT.


Damage covered Maximum sum insured
Death €25,000
Permanent partial disability €25,000 (no compensation will be paid if the degree of disability is 15% or less)
Permanent total disability €25,000
Damage to third-party property €1,300,000
Bodily injury to third parties €6,450,000
Legal Fees and recourse cover

after a Claim

€ 13,500 VAT excluded

Deductibles per claim:

Threshold for criminal defense

700€ including VAT.

Recourse threshold: 305€

excluding VAT.

What is not insured?

Exclusions from the insurance cover: 

  • Damage caused by a person other than the Insured Person.
  • Damage caused intentionally by the policyholder or the insured person as per article 1917 of the Italian Civil Code.
  • Damage resulting from dangerous driving of the insured Vehicle.
  • Damage that is the direct and exclusive consequence of poor maintenance, wear and tear on the insured Vehicle or caused by the vehicle’s accessories (which are not owned and/or provided by Dott). 
  • Damage to goods carried by the insured Vehicle. 
  • Damage to transported objects. 
  • Fines and related costs. 
  • Accidents caused by the Insured’s insanity, paralysis, or blindness.
  • Accident caused by epilepsy (unless it occurs for the very first time and the insured person had no knowledge, nor medical history of this condition).
  • Accidents resulting from the Insured’s suicide or attempted suicide.
  • Accident caused by intentional or reckless misconduct on the part of the Insured. 
  • Damage caused by civil or foreign war.
  • Damage caused in the course of a duel, wrestling match, wild race, bet or brawl in which the insured Vehicle or the insured person was taking part. 
  • Damage caused during the commercial transport of goods or persons, delivery, subletting or lending of the vehicle, whether for payment or free of charge.
  • Damage to persons being transported. 
  • Damage caused or aggravated by the transport by the insured vehicle of flammable, explosive, corrosive or oxidising substances. Explosions caused by dynamite or other similar explosives carried in the insured Vehicle. 
  • Damage caused by the insured Vehicle when it is transporting ionising radiation sources intended for use outside a nuclear facility, where these sources would have caused or aggravated the loss.
  • Damage to the insured Vehicle or to the Insured Person if, at the time of the Claim, the Insured Person has a blood alcohol level in excess of the level stipulated by Italian law, or is under the influence of narcotics not prescribed by a doctor or medication incompatible with driving a land motor vehicle, or if the Insured Person has refused to submit to a blood alcohol or narcotics test.
  • Damage or aggravation of damage caused by weapons or devices intended to explode by modification of the structure of the nucleus of the atom or by any nuclear fuel, radioactive product or waste, or by any other source of ionising radiation, for which a nuclear installation operator is solely liable. 
  • Insured vehicles used for the public transport of goods, equipment or passengers. 
  • Vehicles used to transport collectors’ items. 
  • Damage caused when the insured Vehicle is used on a circuit or skateboard park. 
  • Damage caused in the course of events, races, competitions or their trials which are subject to prior authorisation by the public authorities under the regulations in force.
  • Any person taking part in one of these events, races, competitions or trials as a competitor or organizer shall not be deemed to have complied with the provisions of this article unless his liability is covered by insurance under the conditions required by the applicable regulations. 
  • Loss and damage, claims by third parties or expenses resulting directly or indirectly from the use or exploitation, with intent to cause damage, of any computer or computer equipment, computer program or software, computer virus, falsified code or data transmission, or any other electronic system are excluded. 
  • In addition to the exclusions provided elsewhere in this policy, damages, costs, penalties and fines of any kind resulting directly from:
    • transmission of contagious diseases; 
    • the transmission of a virus, bacteria, parasite, microorganisms or any other pathogen; 
    • pandemics or epidemics;
    • any judgment, regulation, law, decree, order or decision promulgated by any state, government, ministry or other lawful authority for the purpose of nullifying, reducing, limiting or mitigation the effects of the aforementioned transmission.
  • Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Agreement, this agreement excludes any loss, damage, liability, cost or expense of any kind arising directly or indirectly out of or in connection with: 
    • any business located, domiciled, established, incorporated, registered or established in an excluded territory; 
    • property or assets located in an excluded territory; 
    • Any claim, action suit or enforcement proceeding commenced or maintained in an excluded territory; or payment made in an excluded territory. This exclusion does not apply to insurance coverage or benefits that the Insurer is required to provide under the legislation or regulations applicable to it, but the provisions of any penalty clause shall prevail.
    • For the purpose of this exclusion, “excluded territory” means: 
      • the republic of Belarus; and 
      • the Russian federation; and 
      • Ukraine, including the Crimean Peninsula and the Donetsk and Luhansk region
  • Damage aggravating a pre-existing disability as a result of the driver’s negligence in his medical treatment.
  • When the victim is different from the designated driver.
  • When the driver is a garage owner, broker, seller or repairer of the Insurance vehicle, and they carry out checks to ensure that the insured Vehicle is in good working order, as well as their employees when repairing, towing, checking or selling the insured Vehicle.
  • Accident caused by heart attack.
  • Damage aggravated by failure to comply with the safety requirements of the Italian Highway Code. 
  • All damage resulting from a defective insured Vehicle. 
  • All damage caused by the malfunction or breakdown of an insured Vehicle.
  • Liability arising from the loss of, or damage to, property belonging to the Insured Person.
  • Any liability to a person who is not a Third Party to this Policy (valid only for Third Party Liability cover).
  • Buildings, things or animals belonging to, rented to or entrusted in any capacity whatsoever to the driver of the insured Vehicle. However, We guarantee the liability that the driver may incur as a result of fire or explosion damage caused to the building in which the insured Vehicle is parked.
  • Damage to the insured Vehicle.
  • Damage to the driver of the insured Vehicle (under Third Party Liability cover).
  • Losses suffered by employees or agents while on duty, when they are the victims of an Accident involving the insured Vehicle named in the declarations driven by the Insured, the policyholder or one of its agents or a person belonging to the policyholder and occurring on a road open to public traffic.
  • Civil liability incurred by motor vehicle repair, sales and inspection professionals in the performance of their duties, and by persons working in the operation of these businesses.

What do I do if I have an accident? 

  • Never admit liability at the scene. 
  • Once you are in a safe position, exchange contact information with everyone involved, including witnesses, and take note of the registration numbers of the vehicles involved. 
  • If it is safe to do so, photograph the vehicles, registration numbers (QR code) and any passengers, as well as the accident scene. If anyone is injured, call the emergency services.
  • Report the damaging event to the insurance company within 5 working days (see contact details below) providing all available documents.

How can I apply for insurance cover? 

If you have caused personal injury or property damage while driving a vehicle and if you wish to apply for insurance cover as outlined above, you must report the damaging event within 5 working days to the insurance company by sending an email to or by contacting Dott via Dott’s chat available in the app.

I have made a claim, what else should I do?

  • Cooperate with Dott and the insurance company, in particular provide all the information necessary to handle the claim as soon as possible.
  • Provide to the Insurance Company with evidence, assistance and cooperation in establishing the circumstances of the damage, and to help Us obtain witness statements or any other relevant documents (including traceability data at the time of the damage). 
  • Send all Claims, summonses or writs to the Insurance Company within 48 hours from the notification. 
  • Inform the Insurance Company in writing of any forthcoming prosecution investigation or fatal Accident investigation as soon as the Insured person becomes aware of it. 
  • Do not provide any false or fraudulent information to the insurance company, nor make any claim under the policy knowing it to be false, fraudulently inflated, or supported by fraudulent documents or facts. The insurance company may deny your claim as a result.


If you want to submit a complaint, you can contact directly the Insurance company by post to the address of the registered office of Baloise Assurances Luxembourg S.A., Compliance Department, located at 8, rue du Château d’Eau à L – 3364 LEUDELANGE, or by e-mail to, or by using the website: Your complaint must indicate the number of Your contract, Your complaint and what You would like to obtain from Baloise. You must be able to receive a response within 30 days of receipt 

If you remain unhappy at the way your complaint has been treated, you may submit it to IVASS using the form available on the IVASS website in the Complaints section, also accessible through the link on the website  

Data protection

Our partners may process your personal data where this is necessary to administer your policy and any claims.

All telephone calls, emails and any other written or electronic communication relating to insurance applications and claims may be monitored and recorded and the records used for fraud prevention and detection, training and quality control.

These purposes include, but are not limited to:

  • providing insurance quotes or quotations and/or arranging insurance cover;
  • monitoring anti-fraud databases;
  • providing data to national databases where we are required to do so by law;
  • managing and investigating claims and assisting in the claims authorisation process;
  • accounting and other management information purposes; and
  • for any other purpose required by law.

Your rights in relation to this data include:

  • the right to erasure of personal data, unless our partners have a legal basis to continue processing;
  • the right to request the correction of any inaccurate or incomplete information;
  • the right to request that any automated processing/decision-making be reviewed by a person; and
  • the right to request, free of charge, details of personal data concerning you;

Any questions regarding the information our partners hold about you should be addressed to 


Mail: 165 av. de Bretagne, 59000 Lille – France

For a full copy of our partner’s privacy policy, please follow one of these links:


A single, unexpected, unforeseen and unintentional event involving a Vehicle, occurring at an identifiable time and place, and resulting either in Bodily injury to the User and/or a Third party, or damage to property.

Bodily injury
Bodily harm suffered by an individual.

Permanent partial disability
An injury which has a significant impact upon, but does not prevent entirely, the User carrying out any business or occupation and which is likely to last continuously for one year, and at the end of which period is without prospect of improvement.

Permanent total disability
An injury which entirely prevents the User from carrying out any business or occupation and which will last continuously for one year, and at the end of which period is without prospect of improvement.