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Dott's journey began with a commitment to reducing urban congestion and pollution. Today, we operate in our home towns, working closely with local governments and communities to provide sustainable alternatives to cars. Our vision is to create cleaner, greener, and more accessible cities. We believe in a future where cities are designed for people, not cars. 
Company Value #1

we protect our planet

Our environmental impact is the first criteria for every business decision we make. We build things to last, and continuously reduce waste in our operations. We act locally and sustainably.
Company Value #2

we act transparently

We do what we say and take responsibility for our initiatives. We open up our operations to cities. We lead the way by sharing our company data and plans with all our team members.
Company Value #3

we care for each other

We’re humble and respectful of our communities. We listen and collaborate to reach the best ideas together. We don’t shy away from honest truths and always lend a helping hand in difficult times.
Company Value #4

we work smart

We achieve goals as a team and bring our unique expertise to the table. We deliver efficient solutions and are driven by high-quality products. We’re flexible and know how to balance company and personal needs.
Company Value #5

we keep pushing

We are passionate and challenge each other to deliver on our dreams. We constantly perfect our craft. We own our mission and keep pushing for the company, cities, and planet.

our promise


We enable every employee to make their impact by encouraging decision making, innovation, and personal development.


We foster a supportive work environment filled with diverse, talented, and mission-driven people.


We adapt to help our employees accommodate the unique needs of their roles and lives.

job opportunities

Office roles
We offer various roles from Software Engineering to Public Policy at our HQ in Amsterdam, or in one of our many countries of operation.
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ground roles
Our ground staff are the heroes keeping our service up and running. We hire mechanics, patrollers, and more in each of the countries we operate in.
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life at dott

Want to learn more about what it's like to work at Dott?   Listen to our employees’ voices.

Equality, Diversity,   and Inclusion

Dott is an equal-opportunity employer with a strong commitment to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (ED&I). We operate in the communities of our employees, and we understand that to truly improve our cities, we need a workforce that not only knows the local needs but also reflects the diversity of these communities. We have a strict zero-tolerance policy against all forms of discrimination and harassment to ensure that all our employees can be their true selves.

Sustainability Statement

We continuously measure and improve our environmental and social impact.  We’re not claiming we’ll save the world, but we’re relentlessly striving to do the right thing for people, cities, and the planet. We’re constantly putting the environment and our social impact at the heart of every business decision. Discover more

meet the dotters

“No day is the same at Dott, from strategic and technical work to manual hands-on work. I learn something new every day, and you’re often working on several projects at once. There is always this hype at the start of the week about how my week is going to look like. I am so grateful to be part of such a great company!”
Sabine, Central Marketing Specialist
“The main reason I joined Dott is to be able to be in the center of a modal shift in cities. Seeing how car-centric cities all across Europe have been becoming more pedestrian and bike friendly has been extremely rewarding.”
Rafa, Head of People Operations
“Dott was my first job, and I consider myself lucky to have gotten this opportunity. What I like most about Dott is the work culture and the numerous opportunities I get to learn and work on new things. We've got a great team of talented people who I look up to and learn from every day.”
Pothigai, Embedded Test Engineer
“Why do I enjoy working at Dott? There’s always a high-energy, positive, and friendly attitude in the office and online – which is a rare find in an organization that’s so spread throughout Europe. I love how everyone quickly comes together and thrives in an 'organized chaos' scenario.”
Mert, Project Quality Manager
"At Dott, we nurture a strong culture around our company values – they’re not just posters on our walls, but rather something we genuinely strive to embody every day. For example, when we praise a coworker, we always tie it to one of the core values. We emphasize diversity and company culture fit.”
Lana, Director, Central Operations
“At Dott, I’m more than a lawyer, I’m a valued business partner. Our ‘work smart’ approach fuels collaboration among teams and makes every day dynamic and rewarding.”
Chiara, Senior Legal Counsel
“Working at Dott for me is the most tangible way to contribute to shaping the mobility of the city I live in. As I’ve been part of the project from the very beginning, I had the chance to sense how fast the vehicle and the technology adapted to the needs of citizens, offering a wider and more affordable range of services in just a few years.”
Andrea, Regional Director, South Europe
“As a user researcher, it's important for me to see my research making a real difference in people's lives. At Dott, I genuinely feel this impact with every study I conduct, knowing we're working to improve mobility challenges. Another awesome aspect are the colleagues – they’re emotionally intelligent, which makes my everyday work a joy.”
Jiyeon, Senior User Researcher

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