Cities. People. Our planet.

At Dott, we’re moving us all in a better direction to make the places we call home less polluted and congested. Transforming the way we travel is how we’re investing in that future. We’re here to free our cities with clean rides for everyone – and we’d love you to come along for the ride.

The Dott way

Rides for all, by design

We’re dedicated to creating a service that works for everyone, everywhere.

We’re driven by the vision to make micromobility accessible for all. That’s why Dott is rooted in the local ecosystem. We’ve developed multiple partnerships in each city so we can provide local and affordable rides for all walks of life, in every neighborhood.

Beyond providing a service that’s the best value for our riders, our staff members are all locals too who have the best interests of their city at heart. Making sure the streets are safe for all—not just our riders—is key. We have teams of dedicated, trained professionals who clean and maintain our fleet and oversee all ground operations to make sure everything’s in its right place. Plus, we hold regular on-site demos for riders on road safety and smart parking tips.

Running everything ourselves, from the start

All operations are in our hands, with a focus on safety, local jobs and infrastructure.

From day one, we made the choice to take care of all operations in-house, from A to Z: the vehicles, technology, management, maintenance and control operations. This way, we can guarantee safety, quality and reliability – a model most in the market are now trying to emulate.

Our tried-and-tested operating model is unique. Logistics and maintenance are 100% in-house, carried out by our employees. We never subcontract anything. This all allows us to ensure traceability, safety and quality. We’ve also got one of the most reliable maintenance systems on the market, taking a page out of the automotive industry’s industrial methods book. Scooters get checked every 10 journeys, with a complete overhaul every 500 journeys, plus reactive and preventive maintenance.

Reduce, reuse, revive our cities

Renewable energy and electric fleets. Constant recycling and repair. 100% for our planet.

We design our vehicles for shared use and build them to last. We know that electric micromobility is crucial to the fight against air pollution and global warming – as long as our carbon footprint is limited. From the very beginning, Dott has been dedicated to achieving carbon neutrality and in 2019, we compensated our CO2 emissions through green initiatives and reached that goal.

But this is just the beginning. We’re constantly working to reduce our carbon footprint with the goal to reduce it by 56% in 2021. How? We’ve got our eye on the entire value chain, from eco-design of swappable batteries and 100% electric recharging of logistics vehicles with renewable energy, to constant repair and reuse. And when parts are no longer salvageable, we recycle them all.

French Transport Minister, Jean-Baptiste Djebbari, meeting the Paris warehouse team in 2019 to check out the Dott way.

Working together to stand tall

We look at the bigger picture to build trust and clarity for everyone involved.

Transparency, inclusion and collaboration are our things. We know how important these elements are to creating a supportive service that works for everyone. That’s why we only launch in cities after collaborating closely with local authorities and organizations for the best setup.

We’re not just interested in integrating with the local transport framework – we truly want to become a part of each local ecosystem, helping us all to grow greener together. What’s more, we welcome city officials to come see how our warehouses work to encourage full transparency. And we’re also happy to partner with open platforms and integrate with existing public transportation services (through API and MaaS), creating custom solutions for each city.

Who we partner with

Dott is rooted in the local ecosystem. We’ve developed partnerships in multiple sectors so we can provide the right kind of services for all local residents in each of our cities.

Meet the Milan team

We launched our Milan service in May 2020. Our Milan team works with the fleet in the 1,500 sq. m warehouse and headquarters, located in the NoLo area. We have a growing team of 16 people who are fully committed to providing the best riding experience for all citizens and visitors of Milan.

Meet the Rome team

The Rome team launched our service in May 2020. Rome is currently our biggest fleet in Italy, working from our warehouse located in the south of Rome. Our crew of 25+ work day in and day out to offer safe, responsible and sustainable mobility to riders.

Meet the Turin team

The Turin team launched our service in December 2019 as the first Italian city. Since then, we’ve become one of only five e-scooter operators available in the region. We have a team of over 15 people working in our 1,000 sq. m warehouse just outside the city.