Safe streets, responsible riders: ID verification for e-scooters

2 years ago

ID verification trial in Lyon

Over in Lyon, France, we’ve introduced a unique rider verification trial to check that Dott users are 18 or older. This trial run is the first of its kind in Europe, and after the city of Lyon awarded us a tender in July, it’s the next step in our social and safety commitment.

With the smart ID technology, we’re hoping to empower smart riders who respect the cities and communities they scoot through. More than that, we want to build a network of city transit that prioritizes safety, green initiatives, and local infrastructure.

How ID checks work

As of Monday, October 26, we’ll ask new Dott riders in Lyon to verify their age and ID. Riders will receive an in-app notification to scan their ID (a passport or driver’s license) and then take a selfie to confirm the match. The process only takes two minutes, and once approved, riders are free to continue exploring. We’re also trialing the checks in our newest city, Verona.

Our friends and experts in automated ID and identity verification, Jumio, have helped us ensure that the process is secure and user-friendly. The system uses sophisticated AI technology and facial recognition to accurately analyze user information, and is fully compliant with European data protection laws.

The process only takes two minutes, and once approved, riders are free to continue exploring.

The benefits for riders & pedestrians

We care about our riders’ safety and the safety of people off two wheels. And, we want to make safety simple. Our mission is to free our cities with clean rides for everyone, and being free means nobody being at risk from injuries or collisions, and arriving safe and sound at their destination.

We understand that driving any vehicle—no matter how big or small—comes with a level of responsibility. In the same way that you have to be a certain age to drive a car, we think you should be at least 18 to explore on our e-scooters. Insurance companies think so too.

We want to prevent any potentially dangerous behaviors that can harm riders, pedestrians or the planet. And the truth is, when you’re a little older, you tend to act more sensibly.

As well as the ID verification, we additionally have teams of dedicated professionals who are out and about on the streets every day, checking that our riders keep the roads safe and that our e-scooters are where they should be. We do this through on-site demos about riding and parking best practices, regular maintenance checks, in-app safety sessions, helmet giveaways, and much more.

City transit is full of moving parts (literally), and by making sure that all our riders are 18+, we’re doing our part to maintain the safest possible streets and journeys.

The advantages for cities

Dott e-scooters are designed to take care of cities as much as they are people. After all, cities are our homes, our culture, and our livelihood.

We’re confident that micromobility plays a role in the fight against air pollution and global warming, and lowering our carbon footprint is something we take very seriously.

Our e-scooters don’t only help make our cities more open, sustainable, and livable – our ID verification also makes them safer. After all, safety and sustainability go hand-in-hand. That means our city leaders, local organizations, and citizens can rest easy knowing Dott riders are riding legally and intelligently.

Collaborating with locals to create safer cities

The Dott way is rooted in local ecosystems. We don’t want to just offer a way to move through cities, we want to be a seamless part of cities – and that means teaming up with existing organizations to represent everyone who is impacted by transportation.

We want to create meaningful change, and working with the locations where our e-scooters roam allows us to do just that. We welcome all city officials to visit our warehouses and see behind the scenes of our e-scooters, we partner with open platforms, and we integrate with existing public transport services through APIs and mobility-as-a-service (MaaS).

Not to mention, we work side-by-side with city ambassadors and on-the-ground organizations to shape innovative places that put sustainability and safety first.

And we promise to always be transparent and inclusive along the way. ID verification is just one of the many steps we’re taking to bring this mission to
life and ensure our cities’ streets are safer with Dott.