Sustainable rides for all

Our mission is to free our cities with clean rides for everyone. We’re not claiming we’ll save the world, but we’re relentlessly striving to do the right thing for people, cities, and the planet.

Explore our story below or download our full Sustainability Manifesto to see how we're doing just that.

Bringing cities back to life

We’re strong advocates of the car-free city, and we see ourselves as catalysts for multimodality. By offering alternative transport options that complement public transit, we’re certain we can change the way people travel – making our mission of car-free cities a reality.

We run light-touch operations and power our silent vehicles with renewable energy and electricity. Plus, we’re building a service that’s accessible, affordable and inclusive everywhere we’re present. That means for non-riders, our employees, and all citizens within each local community.

Our goals

Building a greener future

Full lifecycle management

We’re working to reuse, upcycle or recycle 100% of used vehicles and parts, with scalable second-life applications for our batteries.

Green operations

We’ve set a target of a 100% electric logistics fleet and renewable energy in our cities, with emissions of less than 20g CO₂ eq/km in all our markets.

Green vehicles

We plan to exceed the 5-year lifespan for our vehicles, along with ensuring eco-conception and manufacturing in Europe.

A safe & inclusive service

Useful & affordable for local communities

Our service is designed to be accessible for all audiences. We embed ourselves in local communities and aim for equal coverage across the areas we serve.

Catalyst for modal shift

To achieve change in our cities, we aim to reach more than 30% multimodal trips and an average of over 2km per ride.

Safe for all riders

We work with a zero severe accident target, with fewer than 10 minor incidents per million rides.

Responsible & inclusive local employer

All Dott employees are fully contracted shareholders in our thriving company, and we’re building an inclusive and diverse workplace.

How far we’ve come

Long-lasting vehicles & in-house eco design

Our first generation scooters are still on the road over 2.5 years after launch. We repair our scooters and bikes using recycled spare parts and perform regular maintenance to ensure safety on the road with vehicles built to last. We’re designing our next generation scooters and bikes in-house for eco-conception and recyclability, and we’re working towards local manufacturing in Europe.

Monitoring & reducing emissions

We’ve compensated for all our emissions since our start in 2019, but compensation alone is not the solution. That’s why we calculate our emissions on the full scope 1, 2 and 3 of the GHG protocol, with a comprehensive and transparent methodology to monitor in real time and gain insights on lowering our footprint. We are on track to lower our 2021 emissions by 40% for every Dott km ridden, compared to 2020.

Sustainable batteries

Lithium batteries pose one of the main sustainability challenges of our industry. Together with partners, we also work on second life projects for batteries. Our first initiative is live, storing energy for a solar power farm. In addition to eco-friendly end-of-life solutions, we’ve partnered with frontrunners in the industry to create a more sustainable battery design, which will be in the testing phase soon.

Accessibility & inclusion

We’re working on many social projects designed to support and transform communities. ‘Helping to help’ supports organizations and the people who work every day to make our cities a better place. We offer free and subsidized rides, give Dott employees the opportunity to volunteer in their neighborhoods, and encourage our riders to lend a helping hand and improve our cities.

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