A helping hand for our communities

A group of three people laughing and putting their helmets on to get ready to ride Dott e-scooters.

2 years ago

There’s strength in numbers. Our new Helping to Help program ensures we care for more people, more often.

Here at Dott, when we commit to something, we do so because we genuinely care about our communities and each other. We have a sustainability goal to be useful and affordable for local communities because we know that we have a responsibility to the people and places that use our e-scooters and e-bikes. But we also know that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to being socially engaged, and that there’s always work to be done on and off two wheels.

That’s why we’ve launched our Helping to Help umbrella program where we collaborate with on-the-ground organizations like NGOs, schools and local government groups to make communities safer, more equitable, and more resilient.

A man in a Dott branded sweatshirt standing with a young boy, showing him the e-scooter and helping him test out a helmet.

Why we’re Helping to Help in our cities

We’ve always been community focused. It’s why our mission is to free our cities with clean rides for everyone – so that people can be with, and explore with, the people around them. That’s exactly why we’ve created the overarching Helping to Help program, with the aim to engage at a local level with those on the ground.

Micromobility can definitely be mighty, but working by ourselves doesn’t ensure that the biggest number of people feel the biggest positive impact. Our Helping to Help partners tell us what can really make a difference in the world, and they point us in the right direction to share our time and resources in the most effective ways. From donating money, offering discounted rides, volunteering or using the Dott platform to spread awareness, we’re giving a helping hand to the organizations that look after us all.

Find out how we’re currently getting involved and how we hope to extend our reach even further.

An illustration of Paris landmarks, with a yellow circle behind and a man wearing a helmet and riding a scooter on the right side.

Une Dott pour un job: Free rides for job-seekers

In France, we’ve teamed up with Pole Emploi, the government agency that supports unemployed individuals.

Between November 15th to December 15th, job-seekers in Bordeaux can use our e-scooters for free when riding to professional interviews. After completing an online form and uploading proof of the interview, we send candidates a digital code to get 20 rides around the city for a month, completely free of charge.

The momentum for ‘Une Dott pour un job’ comes from our Bordeaux-based team, who wanted to empower local workforce development agencies. By giving job-seekers access to essential and affordable transport, more people can attend interviews and increase their chances of finding work. Through Une Dott pour un job, we’re helping organizations like Pole Emploi lower barriers to employment.

We collaborate with on-the-ground organizations like NGOs, schools, and local government groups to make communities safer, more equitable, and more resilient.

An A&E worker wearing a mask and white coat, posing with a Dott e-scooter outside of a pharmacy.

Ensuring Dott Heroes continue to save the day

Over in the UK, we help make sure that crucial NHS and Emergency Service workers can get from A to B at all times, whether they’re running errands or getting home from A&E. We offer Blue Light and Defence workers a 75% discount on pay-as-you-go trips, and in the event of a national lockdown, we up that discount to 100%.

To take advantage of the Dott Heroes initiative, NHS and Emergency Service workers download the Dott app and send an email requesting the discount along with their information. Once approved, workers can begin using the discount immediately via the app.

We also have discounted rides for other communities in the UK. People with an H2C certificate, DID card or a Disabled Persons Railcard can take pay-as-you-go Dott journeys with 50% off the price. Meanwhile, all students and staff at higher education institutes receive 20% off pay-as-you-go trips. These discounts help more folks go about their day-to-day activities and enjoy the cities they live in.

A man and a woman wearing helmets and smiling at each other while riding down a sunny street, with row houses in the background.

A sustainable, speedy solution in the fuel crisis

With recent fuel shortages in the UK restricting how people move around, we announced free e-scooter trips for Londoners. From September 28th until October 10th this year, NHS workers in the city could take unlimited trips with our entire fleet of e-scooters, while all other riders were entitled to two free rides.

We decided to take action after learning that panic buying at gas stations was preventing NHS staff from getting the fuel needed to travel to their jobs. We helped thousands of people arrive to work on time, as well as visit friends and family, all while being environmentally friendly and congestion free.

A group of Dott employees at the World Aids Day event setting up for the AIDES organization.

Dialogue & donations on World Aids Day

We partnered with the French NGO, AIDES to raise awareness and funds for HIV/AIDS related research and treatment. In the days leading up to December 1st—when World Aids Day took place—as our app users in France opened Dott, we prompted them to donate to AIDES. But we didn’t rely solely on our riders to help out. On December 1st itself, we donated 10% of Dott’s revenue in France to AIDES. The money will go toward rapid screening for HIV, fighting AIDs discrimination, and securing legal and therapuetic support for AIDs sufferers.

Our Paris team additionally dedicated a team of eight volunteers to help AIDES set up their biggest event of the year, La Grande Braderie de Mode. With the extra pairs of hands, we made a real difference for the NGO and the communities it serves.

A photo shot from above with a man in the middle, surrounded by people listening to him speak about Dott, with Dott e-scooters on each side.

So, how can we help you?

We’re always on the lookout for new ways to help out. If your organization shares our values around caring for each other, being transparent, and having impact at the local level, we’d love to talk. We invite individuals and groups from all backgrounds and locations to contact Dott and begin brainstorming.

We want to know how we can help you make bigger, better things happen. Get in touch with us at helpingtohelp@ridedott.com to find out how we can collaborate on a Helping to Help initiative in your city.