• The decision was announced following a competitive four-month long tender process, spearheaded by TfL and London Councils
  • The launch of e-scooters in London in June 2021 will bring a new form of transport to the capital, allowing for greater flexibility and accessibility
  • Result is testament to Dott’s ability to deliver, at scale, a safe service, with best in class parking compliance, and environmental excellence.

18th May, 2021, London, UK  Dott, the European micro-mobility company, has been chosen as one of only three companies authorised to operate e-scooters in London — widely considered one of the most attractive e-scooter markets worldwide.

The announcement follows a highly competitive four-month-long tender process spearheaded by TfL and London Councils. The trial will see the chosen e-scooter companies launching up to 6,600 scooters in London over the next 12 months. According to TfL and London Councils, Dott were selected because of their dedication to safety and sustainability, their commitment to keeping all operations in-house, and their history of close collaboration with city stakeholders.

Each scooter will be equipped with a removable battery, recharged with renewable energy and serviced entirely by its own local full-time employees — ensuring reliability and safety for riders. This new mode of transport will increase Londoners flexibility and offer another alternative to car travel. From 7th June onwards Londoners will be able to find, rent and ride a Dott within 6 London boroughs, from the palm of their hand, redefining the way people move around their city.

Commenting on this news, Henri Moissinac — CEO & co-founder of Dott — said: “We’re delighted to be one of three operators to be selected to take part in the trial, this feels like just the beginning for Dott in the UK. We are proud to be a part of the trial and grateful to the TfL and London Councils for their trust. This decision is testament to the daily work of Dott’s local and international teams, who have been providing a high-quality, safe, accessible and reliable service, since our foundation.

We are excited that we will soon be able to offer Londoners the best micro-mobility services, working closely with local authorities and other permit winners to build a better and more sustainable city.”

Commenting on this news, Duncan Robertson — General Manager of the UK for Dott — said:
“TfL and London boroughs must be credited for their amazing collaboration which has led to e-scooter mobility becoming a reality in London. This new addition to the capital’s transport mix will allow for greater flexibility for all, as well as supporting the city’s post-Covid transport recovery. We look forward to working with TfL and London boroughs over the next 12 months to ensure the potential for this trial is fully realised”.

To date, Dott has secured $145 million in funding rounds. Seed and Series A were led by EQT Ventures and Prosus Ventures. Series B was led by Sofina, and co led by Estari. Other investors include Aberdeen Standard Investments, Expon Capital, Felix Capital, FJ Labs, Invest-NL, McRock Capital, Quadia and angel investors. Next steps for Dott include the deployment of electric bikes and the launch of e-scooters in new countries.

About Dott

Dott is a micromobility European operator founded by Maxim Romain and Henri Moissinac. Dott’s mission is to free our cities with clean rides for everyone. Dott currently operates over 20,000 e-scooters in 15 top cities in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and Poland. In July 2020, Dott won two of the biggest micromobility tenders in the world, ranking first both in Paris and in Lyon.

At Dott, we have made environmental excellence a priority in our development. Dott’s unique approach is based on:

  • In-house operations since day one: Dott operates 100% of the service with its own local full-time employees, rather than relying on the gig economy or local contractors. This brings additional safety, reliability for the city, and much better overall user experience.
  • Careful deployment in each city. We launch one city at a time, working hand-in-hand with local authorities. We ensure all roll-outs are tailored to the individual needs of each city.
  • Sustainability: Dott works to reduce its carbon footprint thanks to:

With carbon offsetting, we achieved carbon neutrality in January 2019. In 2020, we are reducing our carbon footprint by 56%, compared to the previous year.
Read more about Dott’s steps towards cleaner cities here.