Insurance summary

Dott’s insurance policies vary based on the country you’re riding in. To better understand what coverage you can enjoy and where, please make sure you read the Insurance summary for the country you’re riding in.

Dott’s insurance policies vary based on the country that you are riding in. To better understand what coverage you can enjoy and where, please ensure that you read the Insurance Summary for the country you’re riding in.

This is intended as a summary of your insurance coverage, to highlight the cover and limits provided, the key conditions you must follow and the key situations when a claim may not be paid. We have tried to identify the important points we think you need to be aware of. This is not a complete list. Please also see the Insurance Product Information Document (“IPID”) for Personal Accident Cover here in English, and here in Finnish, and for Third Party Liability here in English and here in Finnish.


What is covered by Dott’s insurance?

For the duration of the rental of the vehicle, you benefit from the insurance subscribed to by Dott, covering:

  • your liability to third parties for bodily injury or damage to their property resulting from an accident whilst using a vehicle; and
  • your permanent partial or total disability or death resulting from an accident whilst using a vehicle,

in each case subject to the applicable sums insured, the eligibility criteria and exclusions as set out below and in the documents linked above. The cost of insurance is automatically integrated into the cost of renting the electric scooter.

Who is insured?

All riders:

  • that are at least 18 years of age;
  • who are registered and authorised to use Dott’s services; and
  • who have entered into, and complied with, an individual rental agreement with Dott;

are covered by Dott’s insurance.

What is the maximum insurance coverage?

Damages covered Maximum Sum Insured (in Euros or the Equivalent Amount in Local Currency)
Your Permanent Disability (Rate determined by

degree of disability provided above the

minimum threshold of 15% disability as

result of a road accident, see the relevant IPID for more details)

Your Death €50,000
Third Party Damage to Property €1,000,000
Third Party Bodily Injury €1,000,000

What is not insured?

No insurance cover exists for:

  • Any accident that does not arise from the use of a Dott vehicle.
  • Any accident that is not a road accident.
  • Payments in the event of the user’s permanent disability where the degree of disability falls below the threshold of 15% disability.
  • Any damage to property (including vehicles) owned, rented by, or in the possession of the user.
  • Any unauthorised use of a vehicle, including but not limited to the improper use of a user’s log-in credentials or any commercial use (e.g. as a courier vehicle or as paid passenger transport).
  • Any use of a vehicle where passengers are being carried and any damage to the property of, or bodily injury to, passengers carried by the user on the vehicle.
  • Any damages caused when riding a vehicle in connection with passengers or animals.
  • Any use of a vehicle under the influence of alcohol above the legal maximum limit or drugs.
  • Any claims caused by wilful or malicious acts.
  • Any road accident caused intentionally by the user resulting from his or her participation in a crime, an offense or a fight (except in cases of self-defence), or any liability in connection with terrorism.
  • Any claims resulting from, arising out of or relating to any pandemic outbreak including the Covid-19 virus.

What do I do if I have an accident?

  • Never admit liability at the scene.
  • Take reasonable precautions to prevent and minimise loss or damage. If any party is injured, call the emergency services.
  • Once you are in a safe position, exchange contact details with everyone involved including witnesses, and take note of vehicle registration numbers involved.
  • If safe to do so, take pictures of the vehicles, registration numbers and any passengers, as well as the incident scene. You must provide proof in support of your claim. For this reason, please always secure suitable evidence of the occurrence of the damage (e.g. damage confirmation, attestation, police report, medical report) and the extent of the damage.
  • Report the damage event to the insurance company within one week (see contact details below).

How can I claim coverage under the insurance?

If you have caused or suffered an injury or caused property damage while driving a vehicle and if you want to claim coverage under the insurance as set out above, you must report the damage event within one week to the insurance company by sending an email to

I have made a claim, what else should I do?

  • Collaborate with Dott and the insurance company, in particular provide all necessary information for the claim handling as soon as possible.
  • Tell the insurance company straight away if:
    • you receive any communication about the accident or any costs that have been incurred;
    • if the police, law enforcement agency or other governmental body carries out an investigation relating to the accident;
    • if you, or any other third party involved in the accident is to be prosecuted as a result of the accident, or
    • if there is to be an inquest following a fatal accident.
  • Do not provide any false or fraudulent information to the insurance company, nor make any claim under the policy knowing it to be false, fraudulently inflated, or supported by fraudulent documents or facts. The insurance company may deny your claim as a result.


If you are unsatisfied with at the way your complaint has been treated, you can file a complaint to La Médiation de l’Assurance at:

Address: TSA 50110, 75441 Paris cedex 09



You can also file a complaint with your national supervisory authority, as set forth in the relevant IPID above.

Data Protection

Our partners may process personal data about you where it is required in order to administer the policy and any claims. Information regarding the data that is processed and your rights in relation thereto can be found in the IPIDs above.