A new ride in town: The Dott e-bike is here!

A header image of a woman riding a blue Dott e-bike. The sun reflects on the sidewalk. The background is blurred to indicate movement, and there are white illustrations of a cityscape in the background

2 years ago

Like riding a bike, but better. One app, two vehicles and endless convenience. Our new e-bike gives citydwellers even more space for everyday eco-friendly exploration. Grab a bike and glide along the city streets, sailing safely past traffic jams and arriving on time – no sweat.

A man on a Dott e-scooter and a woman on a Dott e-bike stand on the European cobblestone sidewalk to talk. They’re both wearing Dott helmets and are smiling at each other.

Going multimodal with a familiar favorite

The bright blue e-bike marks another milestone in our ongoing commitment to build breathable cities centered around people. Designed for everyone, everywhere, the e-bike is a well-known option for those keen to try out sustainable travel but yet to hop on one of our scooters.

By increasing the number of cyclists on our streets, we can make an importantstep towards more sustainable cities. As a form of transport, e-bikes are shown to help close the age gap in micromobility use, empowering a wider age range to get back on the roads (Harms, 2015). One of our Co-founders, Maxim Romain, sees this as a leading advantage:

“We wanted to offer a service that even more people—including my mother—feel 100% comfortable to ride. The e-bike is a more universal vehicle we can offer inour cities for this reason”.

Try it out for yourself – launching in Paris, the Dott e-bike will pop up in other European cities very soon, including Rome, London and more. With the Dott app downloaded on your phone, you can freely choose your mode of transport depending on your mood, and experience a convenient way to get around while being friendly to your wallet. Just open the app, choose your ride and hit the streets.

A closeup of the Dott e-bike, focussing specifically on the chain and back wheel.

Smooth, safe and sustainable

Smart design, smart colleagues and smart technology make the wheels turn at Dott. Our new e-bike was designed from the very beginning to be comfortable, safe and built to last.

Bumpy rides are a thing of the past – cobblestone streets are no match for our sturdy tires and 26” inch wheels. The seat can be adjusted to your preference, and the mounted basket lets you ride with no sweat from your backpack. The useful integrated handlebar display shows the battery level, vehicle speed and in-app map, so you never need to reach around for your phone and put yourself at risk during your ride.

Mechanical drum brakes on the front and back wheels ensure safe braking, and are super sensitive for our smaller-handed riders. You’ll always be visible, as our strong CE-certified lighting indicates your position in all weather conditions. For those just starting out, a safety sign-up flow in the app fully equips our new riders to start off smart. You can also check out the How to ride our bikes instructions in the Help menu.

Lastly, the Dott e-bike is designed to take care of our cities as much as our people. Our vehicles are powered by swappable batteries, which have been the most important factor in reducing our operational CO2 emissions (by 56% to 81% in our tests). With an efficient 60km claimed range, you’ve got long-lasting enjoyment while you contribute to a low-carbon future.

We wanted to offer a service that even more people—including my mother—feel 100% comfortable to ride. The e-bike is a more universal vehicle we can offer in our cities for this reason.

A snapshot of the Dott in-app map. E-bike icons are displayed on the map to indicate the designated parking spots.

How to ride and park

Whether you’re about to leave home or already on the street, all you need to do is open the Dott app. You’ll land on the map right away, immediately able to locate your nearest bike or scooter. Once you’ve found your ride, scan the QR code to unlock. Don’t forget to select a pass or discount right before you start your ride to save.

Once you’ve arrived safely, it’s time to park properly. In most city areas, you’ll need to park your Dott in dedicated parking spots, marked on the app map
with blue “P” pins. The double leg kickstand at the back helps keep our e-bikes standing tall and proud. That paired with our smart parking feature means our cities stay accessible, with fewer vehicles blown over by the wind or strewn carelessly across streets.

An image of a man riding the Dott e-bike up a hill. The wheels are blurred to indicate movement. The sun shines on the building in the background.

Building a healthier future, city by city

A vibrant, human-centered city makes for a far more livable environment than a congested, car-centered one. Bikes are already very much a part of our cities’ ecosystems, and choosing a Dott e-bike for your next ride is an easy way to reduce pollution, one journey at a time. As well as contributing to creating more inclusive, safe and breathable cityscapes, riding a Dott brings you health benefits. Traveling in the great outdoors is good for your lungs, works your muscles and gives you a fresher perspective, especially before and after work. Choose blue to go green!

The future is positive, and we’d love you to join us for the ride. Just download the Dott app to enjoy more freedom, ease and affordability in how you get
around. Your next green ride is a tap away.

A photograph of the blue Dott e-bike with green arrows pointing to each hardware spec on the bike, with an explanation of each piece below.

Get to know the Dott e-bike

  1. Mechanical drum brakes in the front & back for long-lasting safety and efficiency
  2. Strong & bright CE certified lighting for dark nights and bad weather
  3. 60 km claimed range for long-lasting enjoyment with further distance to ride
  4. Integrated handlebar display for battery and vehicle speed
  5. Invaluable new IoT with improved GPS (by EOY) with high accuracy for safer journeys and improved parking
  6. Height-adjustable seat & mounted basket for comfort and ease from A to B
  7. 26” wheels with sturdy tires with a solid grip on the road for robust rides
  8. Brushless motor & lock at the rear with two-in-one integration
  9. Double leg kickstand to always stand tall when parked, even in windy conditions
  10. Swappable battery that’s secured and certified, with operation logistics already proven