Riding Dott in the UK: Everything you need to know

A young man and woman stand next to each other, wearing helmets and smiling  down at their phones. They hold the Dott e-scooter handlebars with their left hands. Bright yellow illustrated hangtags hang from both scooters.

2 years ago

Hi there! We’re Dott – a micromobility operator here to free our cities with clean rides for everyone. We’re currently active in 16+ cities, including London!

Have you spotted a Dott in London already and are you ready to get going? Scroll down to read up on the UK essentials and you’ll be riding like a champ in no time.

An illustration of four people riding Dott e-scooters through a cityscape. They have stopped in front of a zebra crossing and are smiling at each other. An illustration of a bright sun hangs in the sky above.

Getting started: Signup & pricing

Ready to roam the London streets on a Dott? All you need to do is download Dott from your app store and sign up within the app. Once you’ve added all your personal info and you’re ready to go, you can choose either to pay per ride or opt for a pass. Riding costs £1 to unlock, and then £0.15 per min.

Dott passes are also a great option if you’d like to go for a subscription style. Take your pick from unlocks-only passes, or choose an unlimited rides pass for more flexibility. Are you an Emergency Service or NHS worker? Then you’re a Dott Hero! Along with our Dott Scholars and Dott Community, you can ride with our socially inclusive discounts for Londoners – explore them all here.

An illustration of a Dott rider wearing a helmet and riding. A red road sign indicates the 10mph speed limit. Two pedestrians walk in the opposite direction to the rider.

Driving licenses & rider zones

Downloaded the app already? While you’re signing up, you’ll be asked to fill in some information about yourself, including proof of your valid full or provisional driving license. You’ll need the “category Q” entitlement on your driving license, and categories AM, A1, A2, A & B include entitlement for category Q.

Once you’ve added your info and finished your signup, you can open the map and explore the city riding areas & no-go zones to see where you can ride & park your Dott, as well as to avoid any fees. Lastly, check our riding essentials to make sure you’re riding safe, convenient and stress-free for everyone involved.

An illustration of a young man stood next to two Dott e-scooters that are parked on his right in front of houses. There is a blue “P” symbol on the right of the Dott e-scooters, indicating an empty parking spot.

How & where to park a Dott

Smooth ride? To end your ride and park like a pro, just park your Dott in an upright position in a designated parking spot, snap a clear picture and continue on your day. The UK is dotted with easy-to-find designated parking spots marked in the app map with a blue “P”.

If you park a Dott outside of these designated spots, we have to pick it up and move it to it’s correct parking spot ourselves, which is why there are relocation fees. We don’t want you to get a fee, so make sure to check the map to see if you’re in the right spot before you lock your scooter.

An illustration of three people riding Dotts through a green landscape, smiling at each other and wearing helmets. The woman on the left rides a Dott e-bike and the man and woman on the right each ride a Dott e-scooter.

Get in touch with the Dott UK team

If you haven’t found what you’re looking for or your question isn’t covered here, please reach out to us at support@ridedott.com, or call 0800 048 8993. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Enjoy the ride!