Bonjour Marseille!
Meet our e-bikes

Ride this way

Like riding a bike, but better

Get there in no time with our easy assist e-bikes – smooth, safe and no sweat

We’ve built our shared bikes to thrive along with you in bustling cities. Checked daily by our ground teams, they’ve got all the latest safety features like extra bright front and rear lights, 60 km range swappable batteries, and 26” wheels for sturdy grip. Plus, they look pretty slick too with a convenient phone holder, easy-carry basket, and ergonomic, adjustable seats. Get ready to show up in style!

The safest rides, at the right price

Download the app, sign up and scan a Dott QR code to find deals in your city! We accept popular payment methods and all the local favorites too.

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*Prices are subject to change and may differ from city to city.

How to ride

Spot a Dott

Open the app and check the map to find Dotts nearby. Having a hard time spotting it? Tap "Ring" to ring the bell (only available 6am - 10pm).

Gear up

Wear a helmet to protect your head, and reflective gear at night and in low visibility. Use a face mask and gloves while riding if needed, and clean your hands before and after your ride.

Unlock and go

Scan the QR code on top of the scooter and tap "Unlock" to start your ride.

Pedal to the metal

To get the motor going, start pedaling to gain a little speed first.

Need a brake?

Squeeze the brakes with both hands to slow things down. Avoid hard braking, especially when riding on smooth, slippery surfaces.

    When in Marseille

    Where to ride

    Ride in bike lanes and follow the local rules of the road. Please stay off the sidewalks to keep things safe for pedestrians.

    Get in the zone

    Your city has some no-go and low-speed zones. Check them on the map or turn on your notifications to know if you need to head in a different direction.

    Park like a champ

    Park in designated parking areas – don’t block the sidewalk. Follow local rules to avoid any parking fines or city fines. Check our FAQs for more info.

    Keep a clear head

    Don’t wear headphones or look at your phone. Keep your eyes on the road, stay in the moment and enjoy the ride!

      We’ve got you covered

      It can get hectic on the road and things can go wrong. That’s why in some countries we offer complimentary insurance to our Dott riders. Read our full terms for more info or visit our FAQs.

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