Safety & insurance

Safety tips


Please remember to keep your safety and others’ in mind when riding a Dott. Here are some tips to do just that: 

Do a quick safety check before every ride

  • Are the lights working? Test them out to make sure.
  • Squeeze the brake lever(s) to make sure the brakes work.
  • Check that the tires are full, no wires are hanging loose, and there’s no visible damage. 

Tips for safe riding

  • Don’t wear headphones, look at your phone, or do any other kind of distracting behavior that could take your attention away from the traffic at hand.
  • Don’t drink and ride. This is against our Terms & Conditions and puts you and others at risk.
  • Ride calmly and smoothly. Avoid making sudden moves and always keep an eye on traffic and the people around you.
  • Keep enough distance between you and vehicles around you so you have plenty of time to brake. Watch out for large vehicles and don’t ride in their blind spots.
  • Avoid braking or accelerating too hard, especially when riding on smooth, slippery surfaces.
  • Never ride on sidewalks. Keep them safe for pedestrians and remember to park according to the rules in your city. Check our Parking guidelines section for the full details.
  • Stick to one rider per scooter.
  • Wear reflective gear when riding at night and in low visibility (e.g. foggy weather).
  • We strongly advise you to wear a helmet. In some countries, wearing a helmet is required by law, but it's a key safety measure anywhere. Please note that you’re not insured for head trauma if you're not wearing a helmet. Get your Dott foldable helmet here.

If you're riding in London, check out our Smooth Rider Club e-learning to read up on the traffic rules.

This list is a part of our full Terms & Conditions. Refer to the complete document and remember to always respect your local laws too to ensure you’re following all the rules. Please note that for your safety and that of others, there’s a legal fine of up to €300 if you don’t follow these rules. 


Take care of yourself and others. Happy and safe riding!


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