Parking guidelines

Parking in the UK

When ending your ride in London, always park in one of our designated parking areas, marked in the app map with a blue “P”. Never park on pavements.

Once you’ve parked your Dott in a parking spot, you’ll be asked to snap a photo of your parked scooter, so that we know you parked correctly. Always park your Dott in an upright position using the kickstand.

Parking outside of the Dott riding area is not possible, and may end in a £10 relocation fee. To avoid this from happening, check the map before you ride.

Never park in areas that are legally off limits, such as:
● In the middle of the pavement or in bike lanes
● On private property or private driveways
● On wheelchair ramps
● In areas that need to stay free for safety reasons, like hospital entrances
● In our no-park zones shown on the in-app map

Please make sure your photo only shows the Dott in it's dedicated parking spot and does not include images of yourself or other people.

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Parking guidelines

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