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How does pausing a ride work?

You can pause a ride to take a break, grab a coffee, and do your thing. When you pause a ride, your scooter is locked so no one else can take it. Don’t forget to get back to your scooter!

Here are the basics for pausing a ride:

  • When pausing your ride, we’ll continue charging the same rate per minute which is used in your city – more info about the pricing here
  • Park in a designated parking area in a riding zone, not in no-park or no-go zones
  • Please don’t block sidewalks or leave the scooter in anyone’s way
  • You can pause for up to 60 min

And here’s how to resume and end your ride:

  • Hit Resume ride to continue on with your ride
  • Hit End ride after resuming if you’re ready to end your ride
  • Just in case you’ve forgotten, we’ll automatically end your ride after 60 min of pausing

Remember – you’ll always want to return to your scooter to either keep riding or end your ride. If you don’t, we’ll automatically end your ride for you, but pausing does cost money, so keep this in mind for your pausing plans. 

We’ll send you a couple of notifications while you’re paused so you know how much time you’ve got left.

Enjoy your break!

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