Getting started

How can I find a Dott, and can I reserve it?

It’s not currently possible to reserve a vehicle – but we’re working on adding this function very soon. Stay tuned on our social channels:

Dott France
Dott Belgium
Dott UK



You can find our vehicles:

1. On the app

  • Open the Dott app
  • Check the map to find a Dott in your city
  • Tap the tracking button on the bottom right of the screen to move the map to your current location
  • Click on a cluster of vehicles in your area to zoom in and see where your closest Dott is parked

Tapping a single scooter will show you how far away it is and how much range it has left.

2. On the street 

  • By train and metro stations
  • By bus stops
  • In office parking areas
  • By universities
  • In or near parks and squares

You can ring my bell

Having a hard time finding your Dott in the busy streets? Open the app and tap “Find scooter” to ring the bell* and follow the sound!

*This feature is unavailable from 10pm to 7am to avoid noise pollution.


Getting started

Ready to ride? Here’s all the Dott info you need to get set up, find a scooter, and learn the best ways to ride smooth and safe.

Account & payment

Find out how to switch payment methods, top up your wallet, plus all the details on scooter pricing and your account.

Parking guidelines

Looking for more info on how to park just right where you ride? Read all our tips on parking by the book in each of our cities.

Deals & promos

Curious about passes or how promo codes work? Explore offers and find the best way to enjoy the journey, your way.

Safety & insurance

Ride extra safe in bad weather, with friends, and more. Get into an accident or have questions about insurance? It’s all here.

Ride troubleshooting

What happens if I leave a riding zone, my phone dies or something else goes wrong? We’ve covered all this and more.

Hop on board!