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I bought a Dott pass but was still charged

Every pass comes with a set amount of trips or a set amount of minutes valid for a limited duration. When your ride exceeds those trips or minutes or when the pass expires, you’ll be charged per minute at our regular rates. 

As a reminder, to start your ride, you always need to have a minimum of €2.50/10 PLN on your Dott wallet and/or have a verified payment method linked to your account. That way, if the entire trip fare is not covered by the pass, we’ll first charge the difference to your wallet if you’ve got credit there. In case your wallet doesn’t have sufficient funds, then we’ll charge your verified payment method. 

For a full overview of your riding costs, you can always check My rides under Account.

Wondering why a €2.50 temporary hold is placed on your account? That’s a standard process to verify your payment method at the beginning of a ride. When your ride ends, we’ll reimburse you the difference, so not to worry! Check out this article for more info: Why is a €2.50 hold placed on my account?

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