Ride troubleshooting

I can't end my ride

If you can’t end your ride, try the following:

  • Make sure you’re not in a no-park zone. Take a look at your map and move into a dedicated parking zone. If you try to park in a no-park zone, the app won’t allow you to end the trip, which can result in a relocation fee. Check out our Parking guidelines for more on where to park.
  • Move the vehicle a few meters to the left or the right. This helps the GPS mark the correct position.
  • Restart the app. Sometimes, the app can freeze. It takes up to 60 seconds to show the end of your trip, even if the scooter is locked. Double-check your invoice to make sure you were charged correctly.
  • Check your mobile data/WiFi connection. Turn them off and on again to be sure.

If you’ve tried all the above and are still unable to end your ride, we’re here to help – just reach out to our Support team through the app or at support@ridedott.com.

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Ride troubleshooting

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