During the duration of the Rental of the Electric Scooter DOTT, the User benefits from the Insurance subscribed by DOTT, covering third-party liability insurance and Personal Injury insurance of the User. The cost of insurance is automatically integrated into the cost of renting the electric scooter, there is no option to select.

This Collective Policy is intended to cover the Insured Person as part of his General Liability and for damages suffered in the event of a traffic Accident in which the User is involved during the time of use of the electric scooter. as New Individual Electronic Vehicle (NIEV), under the conditions defined in these DOTT General Conditions of Insurance.

All warranties and exclusions are detailed below.

To report a claim, please refer to section "3. How to declare a claim?"

1. The eligibility criteria:

The Insured Person can claim coverage if:


In any case, the Insured Person can not claim coverage prior to its connection to the DOTT Mobile Application, or if it does not meet one of the criteria defined above.


2. What is covered:

In the Geographic Limits and Coverage Period, the Insured Person is covered:

2.1. Civil Liability: Personal Injury and Accidental Damage

Our Insurer will pay the amount shown in the Table of Benefits below for:

Description of the Guarantee

Insured value


Civil Liability:

Bodily harm

No Limit

No Franchise

Accidental property damage

1.220.000 EUR

No Franchise

What is not covered

Never guaranteed:

Also excluded:

Also excluded:

Refer also to the exclusions common to all warranties set out in section 2.3 below.

2.2 Personal Injury

In the event of a traffic Accident, fire or explosion in which the Insured Person is involved while driving an NIEVI, this cover covers the bodily injury suffered by the Insured Person.

It is exercised under the conditions defined in this chapter, the ceiling of compensation being included in the table of guarantees of the special conditions.

No compensation will be paid regardless of the item of injury concerned, if the disability rate is less than or equal to 10%.

The compensation due, once deducted from all benefits paid by the social organizations and third-party payers as defined below, may not exceed the guarantee ceiling provided for in the schedule of warranties of the Special Conditions, and the under-limitations provided in the guarantee table of these General Conditions.

2.2.1 Who is the Insured Person?

Any person named above in point 1. The eligibility criteria, whether responsible or not for the Accident in which the insured NIEV is involved.

2.2.2 What damages may be compensated?

Accidental Death and Permanent and Temporary Incapacity

We cover the damages listed in the following table within the limits of the insured value indicated, if the Insured Person suffers Bodily Damage due to an Accident occurring during the Cover Period which results in Personal Injury.

Table of services:

Damages covered

Insured value

Accidental death (accident only)

200.000 EUR

Funeral expenses (accident only)

3 000 EUR

Quadriplegia (accident only)

50 000 EUR

Paraplegia (accident only)

50 000 EUR

Loss of sight of one eye (accident only)

12 500 EUR

Loss of sight of both eyes (accident only)

25 000 EUR

Loss of limb (accident only)

25 000 EUR

Total permanent disability (accident only)

50 000 EUR

(total amount is equal to 100% disability)

Loss of hearing in both ears (accident only)

25 000 EUR

Loss of hearing in one ear (accident only)

6 250 EUR

Loss of total and permanent speech (accident only)

25 000 EUR

Loss of use of the shoulder or elbow (accident only)

12 500 EUR

Loss of hip, wrist, knee or ankle use (accident only)

7 500 EUR

Loss of use of the entire lower jaw (accident only)

11 250 EUR

Loss of kidney use (accident only)

7 500 EUR

Total Temporary Disability Resulting from Personal Injury Resulting from Accident

75% of the average Insured Person's Daily Gross Income (received from the Subscriber) or 50 EUR (the lower of the two) for a maximum period of 30 days from the end of the Waiting Period.

If the Insured Person has entered into a contract with the Underwriter of the Collective Policy for less than 60 days on the date of Personal Injury, the amount of EUR 25 per day will be payable with a maximum amount of EUR 150 (max 6 days) from the end of the Waiting Period.

If the Insured Person is a Substitute on the date of Personal Injury, the amount of 25 euros will then be payable within the limit of 6 days from the end of the Waiting Period.

Waiting Time: 7 days (payment starts from the 8th day)

Non-accumulation of benefits between benefits in the event of death and any benefit in the event of permanent disability of loss of use:

If the Insured Person has already received, for the insured event, a permanent total incapacity benefit or loss of permanent use, the death benefit will be paid after deduction of the benefits already received.

How Our Insurer Will Pay the Insured Person:

The benefit is paid as a lump sum and will be paid as follows:

  1. Accidental Death and Permanent and Temporary Incapacity

If, during the Cover Period, an Insured Person is involved in an Accident that results in the death as a direct result of the Accident within 12 months from the date of the Accident, Our Insurer will pay the lump sum as indicated in the table of benefits.  

B. Permanent total incapacity and loss of use

If, during the Cover Period, an Insured Person is involved in an Accident and Bodily Injury that results in a Total Permanent Disability within 12 months of the date of the Accident, Our Insurer will pay the Insured Person the amount as set out in the Table of Benefits, after a Physician designated by Our Insurer will have analyzed and accepted the decision of the Physician designated by the Insured Person.

The services indicated correspond to 100% of the amount of the loss. If an Insured Person has an accident and suffers only a partial loss, only a percentage of the total amount will be paid.

No indemnity will be granted for any Pre-existing Condition or pre-existing partial disability of the Insured Person prior to the Accident Covered. If members or organs were already partially deficient before the Accident, compensation will be based on the difference in the condition of the limb or organ before and after the Accident Covered.

C. Total Temporary Incapacity Resulting from Personal Injury Due to Accident

Our Insurer will pay, subject to the Waiting Period, the Total Temporary Incapacity Benefit indicated in the Table of Benefits to the Insured Person for a period not exceeding thirty days in total from the end of the Waiting Period. When it seems appropriate or in case of doubt, Our Insurer may appoint a Physician to analyze and accept the decision of the Physician designated by the Insured Person.

Daily Gross Income is calculated based on 60 days prior to Personal Injury.

The Total Temporary Incapacity benefit from Personal Injury will be paid until the Insured Person is medically fit to return to work. It will be paid up to a maximum of 30 days in total resulting from the same Accident, but not necessarily consecutive.

2.2.3 In the event of a dispute over the medico-legal conclusions, particularly on the determination of the disability rate:

In case of litigation, contradictory expertise may be established between the medical adviser of the Insured Person and the medical adviser of Our Insurer. Each party will retain the fees of its medical adviser.  

If consensus is impossible and before any legal proceeding, if the Parties agree, an arbitration may be conducted to determine the disability rate. This arbitrator will be chosen by the Insured Person from a list composed of three medical advisers proposed by the Insurer. Each of the parties will bear half the fees of the expert third party. In the event that the expert third party agrees with the conclusions of the one chosen by the Insured Person, the Insurer bears all the fees of these experts.

The indemnity due, after deduction of all the benefits paid by social organizations and third-party payers as defined above, may not exceed the guarantee ceiling provided for in the schedule of cover of the Special Conditions.


In case of damage to the head no compensation will be paid if the Insured Person was not wearing any helmet at the time of the accident.

What is not covered

Never guaranteed:

Refer also to the exclusions common to all warranties set out in section 2.3 below.

2.3 Common Exclusions to all the guarantees

What your contract does not guarantee:

Whatever guarantees are chosen, in accordance with the law or because of the nature of the events concerned, are never guaranteed:

3. How to declare a claim?

The Insured Person must, as soon as possible and in any case within 8 days, give notice of the occurrence of the incident to Our Insurer.

By contacting by email at the following address: ;

Or by phone at the following number: + 33 2 38 79 09 45.

To declare a claim, the Insured Person shall promptly provide the Broker with all documents that will enable Our Insurer to establish the circumstances and determine the extent of the damage.

Our Insurer reserves the right to verify the statements made to it and the answers provided to its requests.

The Insured Person must ensure the following points when declaring a claim:

 4. Complaints

The purpose of DOTT as well as that of Our Insurer is to provide you with top quality service at all times, although we understand that there are circumstances in which you may find it helpful to file a claim.

Please follow the procedure below if you wish to file a claim. Any complaint must be addressed in the first place to:


25, Luke Street

Techspace Shoreditch


Zego will acknowledge receipt of the claim in writing as soon as possible and will provide you with its decision on the claim in writing within 8 weeks of receipt of the claim.

If the answer does not satisfy you, you can contact La Parisienne Assurances, by writing to the following address:


Service Relations Clients

120-122 Rue Réaumur

TSA 60235

75083 PARIS Cedex 02  

Parisienne Assurances undertakes to acknowledge receipt of your correspondence within 10 working days (unless a response has already been provided to you during this period), and to process your complaint within a maximum of 60 working days at counting the receipt of your mail.

After exhaustion of the internal claims procedures specific to La Parisienne Assurances, you can seize in writing the Mediator of the French Federation of Insurance (FFA):

La Médiation de l’Assurance TSA 50 110 75 441 Paris cedex 09


The mediator is an outside personality at La Parisienne Assurances who exercises his mission independently. This appeal is free. He gives a reasoned opinion within 3 months of his referral.

The mediation procedure and the "Mediation Charter" of the FFA are freely available on the website:

The aforementioned complaint handling provisions do not prejudice Your right to take legal action.

5.  Data Privacy

Our partner, ZEGO as an insurance broker, is responsible with its Partner Insurers for the processing applied to your personal data in connection with the underwriting and management of the insurance contracts it distributes as well as the management of potential resulting losses.

Your data is used only for explicit purposes, legitimate and determined in connection with your insurance contract. We do not keep them beyond the time required for the operations for which they were collected.

The recipients of the data concerning you are Zego, La Parisienne Assurances as well as intermediaries, reinsurers and authorized professional bodies.

In addition, in accordance with our legal obligations, we implement data processing aimed at combating money laundering and terrorist financing as well as the fight against insurance fraud. On the other hand, we must keep your data for five years after the termination of your contract, in accordance with the provisions of Article L 561-12 of the Monetary and Financial Code in particular.

The collection of data relating to the offenses, convictions and security measures is at the time of the subscription of the insurance contract, or in the course of its execution or in the context of the management of the litigation.

The only data that we request from you and which we process are necessary for the pursuit of all the aforementioned purposes and are intended exclusively for our internal management services as well as, if necessary, for those of your insurer and its underwriters. contractors. We do not commercialize, in any way, the data about you and we do not use it to conduct canvassing or profiling operations.

Zego and its insurance partners are legally obligated to verify that your data is accurate, complete and, if necessary, up-to-date. We may ask you to check it or to complete your file.

In accordance with the law n ° 2018-493 of June 20th, 2018 relative to the protection of the personal data and the European regulation n ° 2016/679 / UE of April 27th, 2016, you benefit from a right of access, of rectification, of portability and erasure of your data or limiting processing related thereto. You can also, for legitimate reasons, oppose the processing of data concerning you. We may deny your request, in whole or in part, if it is incompatible with our obligation to store and / or process your data under a legal provision or justified by the performance of pre-contractual and / or contractual obligations.

To exercise all or part of these rights, you may, subject to the production of a valid identity document (driver's license excluded) contact our Data Protection Officer by writing to or that of the insurer by writing to

Safety measures

Our Insurers partners are committed to ensuring the security of your data by implementing enhanced data protection through the use of physical and logical means of security in accordance with the rules of the art and the standards that are imposed.

For any complaint or additional information you can contact the National Commission of Computing and Freedoms ( by writing to the following address:  

CNIL 3, place de Fontenoy TSA 80715 75334 Paris cedex 07

6.  Glossary


Accident / Accidental: Any unintentional event, unforeseen and external to the victim or the insured vehicle, constituting the cause of bodily injury, material or immaterial within the meaning of Article R. 211-5 of the Insurance Code.

Circuit: Private course, loop, closed and permanent or temporary subject to administrative authorization. It is bounded by curbs and its track may be bitumen or earth.

Pre-existing condition: Refers to any condition, injury, pathology, disease or condition related to it and / or any related symptoms, diagnosed or not, of which the Insured Person suffers before the beginning of this insurance and:

This does not include Pre-existing Conditions for which Insured Persons have not had treatment or symptoms for at least 12 months.

Waiting period: Period during which no benefit will be granted, the Insured Person does not benefit from insurance cover  

Bodily injury: Any bodily injury suffered by a natural person.

Property damage: Any destruction, deterioration, loss of a thing or damage to an animal.

Franchise: Part of the expenses that, in any case, remains the responsibility of the Insured Person.

Total Permanent Disability: Refers to a permanent, total and irreversible disability that totally prevents an Insured Person from practicing any Profession for which it is fit through training or experience and which, in all likelihood, will continue to at the end of his physical life, as determined by a Physician.


Geographical limits: Territory of the French Republic, with the exception of Overseas Regions and Overseas Communities, as well as Monaco.

Physician: Refers to a qualified physician who is registered with local authorities and licensed to practice medicine in the country of coverage. He can not be the Insured Person, any person related to the Insured Person or any person living with the Insured Person.


NIEV : The vehicle designated in the Special Conditions and complying with the conditions stipulated in paragraph 2.

Insured person: the person designated in point 1.

Coverage Period: The period during which the Insured Person benefits from the guarantees of this Group Policy. It runs from the connection to the Subscriber's Mobile App until it is disconnected.

Collective Policy: refers to the Group Insurance Policy Coverage in General Civil Liability subscribed by the Subscriber.

Loss: Damage event that may be covered under the policy. All consequential damage to the same fact is considered one and the same.

Subscriber: the legal person thus designated in the Special Conditions.

Third parties: Anyone other than the Subscriber and the Insured Persons.