What is covered by Dott's e-scooter insurance?


Insured are any personal injuries and property damages caused by a driver to a third party while the driver is driving an e-scooter. Details on the insurance conditions can be found in section A.1 and sections B to M of the insurance terms of Dott's insurance company (Here) (note that coverage as described in section A.2 of the insurance terms does not apply).


Who is insured?

All drivers with a minimum age of 18 who entered into a binding Individual Rental Agreement with Dott for the usage of an e-scooter are covered by Dott's e-scooter insurance.


What is not insured?

No insurance cover exists for:


 What are the conditions to claim coverage in case of a damage event?

Coverage may not or may not fully apply if


In order to enjoy coverage, the driver must in particular


When does the insurance cover begin / end?

The insurance coverage begins with the conclusion of the Individual Rental Agreement, i.e. with completion of the e-scooter unlocking process via the app, and ends with the parking of the e-scooter and the locking of the e-scooter via the app.


What is the maximum insurance coverage

The maximum insurance coverage for personal injury is EUR 15 Mio per injured person. The total maximum insurance coverage per damage event is EUR 100 Mio.


How can I claim coverage under the insurance?

If you have caused a personal injury or property damage while driving an e-scooter and if you want to claim coverage under the insurance as set out above, you must report the damage event within one week to the insurance company by sending an email to or alternatively by telephone on +49 30 255 585 491.