Bringing sustainable tourism to London with ScooTours

As travel picks back up and we begin the conscious shift towards greener modes of transport in London, guided e-scooter and e-bike tours are a no-brainer – this is why we’re proud to announce our partnership with ScooTours. ScooTours are the UK’s first company to offer guided tours on e-scooters & e-bikes, bringing a unique and exciting twist to the world of tourism.

Partnering up for a greener capital

We believe in a future where our cities are free of congestion and pollution. By switching up the approach to exploration in London with ScooTours, we’re breathing life back into guided city tours.

Founded in London, ScooTours was born out of the idea of showcasing cities in a new and exciting way through merging micromobility and guided tours. In their close collaboration with local councils, small businesses and tourism boards, ScooTours shows how they’re a forward-thinking company embedded in London’s local community. Close collaboration with our cities is a part of The Dott way. We’re invested in our local ecosystem, and partnering with companies who share our values helps us create innovative, greener solutions for our cities together.

That’s why we’re excited to share this fresh new alternative to guided tours in London. If you’re traveling to London or ready to rediscover your city, check out ScooTours' Hidden London guided e-scooter tour. You’ll dive deep into London’s diverse history in a safe, fun and creative way – on a Dott!

London through a new lense

On the day, you’ll arrive at Devonshire Square, hop on your Dott and sail through the streets of London on a 2-hour long adventure of history, stories and undiscovered locations. Uncover landmarks and neighborhoods off the beaten path through places like Smithfield Market, the Barbican Centre and St. Bartholomew the Great Church. You’ll learn about 800-year-old pubs, secret societies and plenty more surprising eccentricities in London’s capital city along the ride.

The entire process is designed to be seamless. Helmets and Dott scooters are provided at the starting location – just make sure you bring your valid provisional or full driver’s license with you. If you’ve booked your tour already, all you need to do in advance is download the Dott app, set up your account with up-to-date payment info and you’re ready to roll!

The whole experience costs £35 per person. This cost is split into £25 payable at the time of booking, and £10* payable at the start of the tour via the Dott app. When you arrive at the starting location, your guide will give you an exclusive promo code and show you how to easily add this into the Dott app under “Promos” in the menu. This code will give you 50% off the cost of the e-scooter ride. The standard price in London is £1 to unlock, then just £0.15 per min. So that means you’ll save £10 on your scooter ride for the 2-hour guided tour. Not bad!

*Price is estimated at £10 for around 2 hours of riding.

Discover the past with the future of transport

At Dott, we’re all about sustainable rides that make a big impact. So whether you’re visiting or rediscovering the UK’s capital city, the Hidden London e-scooter tour is a creative way to experience London as an eco-friendly explorer. ScooTours’ guided tour routes have been specifically designed with the smoothest e-scooter route in mind, using cycle & pedestrian friendly roads wherever possible. This way, you’ll see more iconic sights and experience more insider knowledge than on a regular guided tour – all while safely enjoying your green Dott ride!

Interested? Check out ScooTours' available dates on their online calendar.

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